The structured MD/PhD Program was established in 2000. Our alumni are now pursuing rewarding careers in biomedical research and academic medicine.

Our program graduates have been highly successful with finding employment following residency and fellowship in the institution or city of their choice. Take a look at where our graduates come from and where they go.

2021 medical graduates

Dr. Kristen Ates

University of Florida,
College of Medicine-
Shands Hospital
Gainesville, FL

University of Florida


Medicine - Preliminary





Dr. Alec Davila

Medical University of South Carolina
Charleston, SC

Internal Medicine


2020 medical graduates

Dr. Aaron Fan

University Alabama Med Ctr, Birmingham, AL Pediatrics

Dr. Irene Falk
UC Davis Med Ctr-CA, Sacramento, CA Neurological Surgery

Dr. Harrison Grace
Dr. Kevin Lindsay
St Joseph Hospital SCL Health, Denver, CO Surgery-Preliminary

Dr. Lauren Prusinski

Medical College of Georgia Medicine-Preliminary
Augusta, GA
Dr. Merry Ma
Medical College of Georgia Urology-Preliminary
Augusta, GA

2019 Medical graduates

Dr. Bianca Islam

Case Western University, Cleveland, OH Internal Medicine/PSTP Track
Dr. Jason Lee

University of Kansas School of Medicine, Kansas City, KS Otolaryngology

Dr. Mason Webb
Mayo Clinic School of Graduate Medical Education, Rockester, MN Internal Medicine/PSTP Track

Dr. Phil Yao

Redmon Regional Medical Center

UC San Diego Medical Center-San Diego, CA




2018 medical graduates

Dr. Joseph Burch

Carolinas Medical Center, Charlotte, NC Internal Medicine
Dr. Trevor Hardigan

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai-New York, NY Neurological Surgery

2017 Medical Graduates

Dr. Miranda Hayworth

University of Texas Medical Branch-Galveston, TX Neurological Surgery
Dr. Jonathan Heimlich 

Vanderbilt University Medical Center-Nashville, TN Internal Medicine

2016 Medical Graduates

Dr. Erin Scott

University of Rochester Medical Center- Rochester, NY Obstetric & Gynecology
Dr. Quaovi Sodji

Stanford University-Standford, CA Radiation Oncology

2015 Medical Graduates

Dr. Samual Quaynor Weiss Memorial Hospital-Chicago, IL Neuroscience

2014 Graduates

Dr. Melinda Beavers

Charlotte Medical Center-Charlotte, NC Pediatrics

2013 Medical Graduates

Dr. Preethi Ganapathy

Augusta University, Augusta, GA

The Cleveland Clinic-Cleveland, OH

Medicine- Preliminary 


Dr. Jessica O'Neal

Atlanta Medical Center, Atlanta, GA GeneralSurgery
Dr. Shubin Shahab

Emory University School of Medicine- Atlanta, GA Pediatrics


2012 Medical Graduates

Dr. Rusty Johnson

Augusta University-Augusta, GA Internal Medicine

2011 Medical Graduates

Dr. Matt Collins

Boston University Medical Center-Boston, MA Internal Medicine
Dr. Mark Merkley

University of Rochester/Strong Memorial-Rochester, NY Otolaryngology/Research
Dr. Kim Rathbun

Augusta University-Augusta, GA Emergency Medicine
Dr. Amy Walthour

University of Tennessee College of Medicine-Chattanooga, TN Family Medicine


2010 Medical Graduates

Dr. Elizabeth Richter

Medical University of South Carolina-Charleston, SC Surgery-Preliminary & Ophthalmology
Dr. Alexis Simpkins

Augusta Universit-Augusta, GA

John Hopkins Hospital-Baltimore, MD



Dr. Michelle Sykes University of Texas Southwestern Medical School Pediatrics

2009  Medical Graduates

Dr. Hillary Irons

Michigan State University-East Lansing, MI Emergency Medicine
Dr. Mark Witcher

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center-Winston Salem, NC Neurosurgery

2008 Medical Graduates

Dr. Jason Burnette Augusta University-Augusta, GA Urology
Dr. Michael Clark Augusta University-Augusta, GA Orthopedic Surgery
Dr. Karenne Fru Greenville Hopsital System/ University of South Carolina Obstetrics & Gynecology
Dr. Robert Lober Stanfor University-Stanford, CA Neurological Surgery
Dr. Joseph Poole Emory University School of Medicine-Atlanta, GA Internal Medicine & Research

2007 Medical Graduates

Dr. April E. Welborn

Emory University School of Medicine-Atlanta, GA Internal Medicine & Research

2006 Medical Graduates

Dr. Xinyu "Danial" Li University of Miami-Miami, FL Neurology
Dr. Elizabeth Loomis University Hospital-Jackson, MS Anesthesiology

2005 Medical Graduates

Dr. Amy W. Amara University of Alabama-Birmingham, AL Neurology
Dr. Chadwick Hales Emory University School of Medicine-Atlanta, GA Neurology
Dr. Brent T. Steadman

Carolina Medical Center-Charlotte, NC

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center-Winston Salem, NC

Internal Medicine



2004 Medical Graduates

Dr. Danial Karolyi Emory University School of Medicine- Atlanta, GA Radiology
Dr. Theodore Johnson

Augusta University-Augusta, GA

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center-Cincinnati, OH


Hematology/Oncology Fellowship

Dr. Robert L. Seymour

Vanderbilt University-Nashville, TN

 University of Texas Medical Branch-Galveston, TX


Post-doctoral fellow


2003 Medical Graduates

Dr. Vikram B. Reddy Yale University-New Haven, CT Vascular Surgery
Dr. Deedee K. Smart

National Cancer Institute-Rockville, MD

Radiation Oncology Branch, National Institute of Cancer Bethesda, MC

Post-Doctoral Fellowship: Radiology Oncology

Residency: Radiation Oncology

2002 Medical Graduates

Dr. Krishna G. Patel

University of North Carolina-Durham, NC

University of California-Davis, CA


Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery


2001 Medical Graduates

Dr. David Woodrum Mayo Clinic-Rochester, MN Radiology



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