As an MD/PhD student, you will have access to an outstanding clinical curriculum focused on early clinical experience as well as an uncommon breadth of nationally-ranked PhD programs. Learning to how to share information, write and submit grants and papers, and take part in scientific events is an important part of the University System of Georgia MD/PhD Program. With that in mind, we incorporate the following to enrich your educational experience:

These sessions allow students to present their research to their peers. Attendees ask questions and discuss each others' work and science. As a result, you'll become experienced in making presentations, defending your findings and taking part in scientific discussions. Distinguished speakers are also featured to speak about their work and expose students to additional areas of research.

This helps you understand the complexities of the scientific method whereby you propose a hypothesis based on sound rationale from the literature and preliminary data, then design experiments to test your hypothesis. By writing and submitting grants, you will build a more impressive CB that distinguishes you from others as you move is the career ladder.

During this course, you will learn the critical thinking and networking skills needed to write and publish scientific papers. You will see how others have created papers and learn how to perform the necessary research to write and submit papers of your own.

Up to $1000 per year provided for travel expenses to all students who want to present their first-author abstract at various conferences.

Augusta University offers various Seminar Series including the Phy-Sci Speaker Series and the Experimental Medicine Seminar which both feature experts from around the country who conduct translational medical research.

The Program provides an APSA membership for current students allowing them to connect and interact with other physician-scientist trainees across the nation.

Exceptional students deserve exceptional opportunities. To learn more or arrange a visit, email the University System of Georgia MD/PhD Program at