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The Medical College of Georgia (MCG) at Augusta University has operated a student-sponsored, faculty supported Honor System since 1953 when the System was adopted by the student body and faculty.

The Honor System is comprised of an Honor Code and trial process.
Members of the faculty, staff, and exam administrators are also responsible for supporting the code and following the procedures for reporting infractions to the Honor Council as outlined. Matriculation in The Medical College of Georgia shall be considered an agreement to abide by the Honor Code.

As medical students and physicians, we demand honorable and ethical behavior from ourselves and peers. To protect our sense of responsibility to each other and to our patients we must, as students, learn to develop and maintain fair, ethical standards. Without this strong internal system, we risk watching this task fall under the jurisdiction of others less qualified to make these decisions. Thus, we promote a strong Honor Code. Our Honor Council provides the opportunity for medical students to participate in and value this self-governing responsibility.

2018-2021 Honor Court Officers

Faculty Advisor

William Pearson, PhD