This special committee shall consist of a chair who is appointed in the customary way (section IIIa3a) and other teaching faculty members each elected by the students of the four medical college classes, and one faculty and student member from the campus subcommittees below. In addition to the dean, vice dean for Academic Affairs, senior associate dean for Curriculum, associate dean for Student and Multicultural Affairs, associate dean for Admissions are ex-officio members. All class presidents are encouraged to bring one "guest" from their class to each meeting. All members shall serve for a term on one year, but are subject to reappointment or re-election.


This committee facilitates communication between students and faculty and administration. It serves as a forum for discussion of problems and concerns identified by students and faculty. This committee will meet quarterly.  

Committee Members

Natasha Savage, MD, chair 

Class President’s

David Davis, 2018 Class President, AU campus
Mark Zapata, 2018 Class President, Augusta University-UGA Medical Partnership
Babatunde Fariyike, 2019 Class President, AU campus
Danny Steinberg, 2019 Class President, Augusta University-UGA Medical Partnership
Miller Singleton, 2020 Class President, AU campus
Benjamin Daniel, 2020 Class President, Augusta University-UGA Medical Partnership
Susan Brands, 2021, Class President, AU campus
Andrew Block, 2021 Class President, Augusta University-UGA Medical Partnership

Class Advisors

John Fisher, Class of 2018
TBD, Class of 2019
TBD, Class of 2020
TBD, Class of 2021

Ex-officio Members 

David C. Hess, MD, Dean, Medical College of Georgia
Paul Wallach, MD, Vice Dean, Academic Affairs
Renee Page, MD, Associate Dean, Curriculum
Kimberly Loomer, EdD, Associate Dean, Student & Multicultural Affairs
Kelli Braun, MD, Associate Dean, Admissions
John Francis, MD, PhD, Augusta University-UGA Medical Partnership Representative
Kathryn Martin, PhD, Associate Dean Regional Campus Coordination
Lynette Bauza, MD, First Year Class Associate Dean
Greer Falls, MD, Second Year Class Associate Dean
Eric Lewkowiez, MD, Third Year Class Associate Dean
Stewart Shevitz, MD, Fourth Year Class Associate Dean
Renuka Mehta, MBBS, President, MCG Faculty Senate, ex-officio voting