In accordance with LCME Standards, the Admissions Committee, a constitutional committee, is chaired by the associate dean for admissions, who is a voting member. The co-chair of the committee is selected from amongst the Admissions Committee membership by the associate dean for admissions with the approval of the vice dean of academic affairs, to serve in his/her absence. At least 70% of the committee must be faculty, including both clinician and basic science faculty; every effort will be made to ensure approximately 15% of the faculty members are from the four year campus (Athens). At least 65% of the committee members must be physicians. Alumni and community members may serve on the committee. Up to three medical students may serve on the committee. The director of diversity outreach serves on the committee ex-officio and is a voting member. No more than two “administrative faculty” members may be appointed. The administrative director of admissions, if a member of the faculty, serves on the committee ex-officio and is a voting member. Alumni, community, and medical student members may not exceed 30% of the committee membership.



The Admissions Committee shall serve as the final authority for accepting students to the Medical College of Georgia. It shall evaluate applicants for entry into the medical school and make decisions for admission amongst those who have submitted applications. The committee shall take into account the charge given to the committee by the dean and/or vice dean for programmatic priorities and/or initiatives. The committee shall consider and recommend appropriate measures to recruit and admit students from diverse backgrounds.


Committee Membership

Kelli Braun, MD, Assoc. Dean of Admissions, ex-officio (voting), Chair
Scott Barman, PhD, Administrative Direction, Admissions, ex-offico (voting), Co-chair
Vanessa Spearman, MD, Director of Diversity Outreach, ex-offico (voting)
Lashon Sturgis, MD, Emergency Medicine, ex-offico (voting)
Uzondo Agochukwu, MD, Orthopedic Surgery
Jane Conway, MD, Pediatrics
Krishnan Dhandapani, PhD, Neurosurgery
Sumit Fogla, MD, Family Medicine
Dixon Freeman, MD, Northwest Campus
Terry Lockhart, Community Member, Deputy COS VAMC
Namita Mohanty, MD, Medicine
John Norris, MD, Medical Partnership
Mike Petzar, MD, Medical Partnership
Scott Rahimi, MD, Neurosurgery
Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber, MD, Medical Partnership
Richard Sams, MD, Family Medicine
David Stepp, PhD, MD/PhD Program Director, Physiology
Krishnan Dhandapani, PhD, Neurosurgery
Pamela Tipler, MD, Hospital Medicine
Rajeev Chauhan, MD, Medicine
Julisa Patel, MD, Pediatrics
Samantha Armas, Student, Class of 2026
Katie Higgins, Student, Class of 2026 (Medical Partnership)
Kimberlee Griffen, PhD, Medical Partnership
Elizabeth Gray, MD, Savannah Campus Dean
Denise Kornegay, AHEC, MSW, Associate Dean, Area Health Education Center
Gifford Lorenz, Savannah Campus
Rajeev Chauhan, MD, Albany Campus