MCG Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Mission Statement

Approved July 31, 2000

As elected representatives of the faculty of the Medical College of Georgia, members of the faculty senate will:

  • Serve as a forum for the dissemination of information, and for the discussion and expression of opinion regarding matters of interest, concern or importance to the faculty.
  • Participate in the organization and governance of the faculty by naming and coordinating committees that oversee student issues such as admissions, student promotions and professionalism, student curriculum, and faculty issues such as promotions and tenure and recognition of outstanding performances.  Facilitate communication with the Dean of the Medical College of Georgia about faculty opinions and concerns.


Contact information:

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Vincent J.B. Robinson, MD, MBBS, FRCP

President MCG Faculty Senate
Professor of Pediatrics
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Terry McBride
  Terry McBride

MCG Faculty Senate Liaison