How do I apply?

Ideal candidates will be self motivated and organized to get the most from the longitudinal experience. Opportunities to experience a multitude of specialized services and cutting edge technology are here and waiting. Contact us for a campus site visit.

Will I get a panel of patients?

Students will be given a basic panel of patients. Included in these will be patients with conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, elevated cholesterol, and lifestyle issues such as tobacco use, obesity, and or alcohol abuse. Pediatric patients will include a well-child physical and the OB experience will include a pregnancy in a patient that the student will follow through delivery and then follow the baby and mom in the hospital and in follow-up at home. The basic panel will be small but will be flexible.

How will these patients be selected?

Preceptors will help identify the types of patients we want our students to follow. Students themselves will be able to add to their list as they find interesting patients during office visits with preceptors. If the patient and the preceptor agree to allow the student to follow them then they will be added to the student patient list.

How are the Shelf tests given if the rotations last all year?

All Required Shelf tests will be taken at two different times during the year. You can keep your best score and we keep the data to show that you have retained what you learned over time.