Li Chen, PhD

Assistant Professor

PhD (Health Policy & Management), Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China, 2014

(706) 4417239
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Chen, PhD


Molecular epidemiology, health economics, aging, nutrition, cardiovascular diseases

Dr. Li Chen joined Augusta University in 2017 in Georgia Prevention Institute in the Department of Population Health Sciences. Prior joining Augusta University, Dr. Chen obtained her Bachelor's degree in Nursing in 2009 and Ph.D. in Health Policy & Management in 2014, and served as a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (2014-2017) and was focused on health policy to provide affordable healthcare.

Dr. Chen's research interest includes molecular epidemiology, health economics, nutrition, and cardiovascular health. She has particular interests in identifying early biomarkers for cardiovascular diseases and developing new prevention and treatment strategies. She is awarded the American Heart Association Career Development Award, which seeks to investigate the role of leucine/a-KIC/HMB metabolic pathway in salt-induced blood pressure elevation and the interplay between salt, HMB, and gut microbiota.

Dr. Chen has been involved in several health economics studies, such as cost-effectiveness analysis of breast cancer screening and treatment strategies for HIV-infected patients. She is also interested in the research of disparities in health care access and social determinants of health.



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