Welcome to the Division of Health Economics and Policy (HEP).  Our division serves as a resource for the Augusta University community and beyond. 

The HEP division was created in response to the growing need among medical professionals, health care researchers and students for support in health economic evaluations and health care modeling.

The HEP division is composed of MCG and AU faculty members with experience in health economics, advanced mathematical modeling of disease, and health policy.  By combining the research, administrative and education expertise of a diverse group of members, the MCG HEP division represents a truly multidisciplinary team.

Health Economics

The field of health economics has experienced dramatic growth at a global level.  Growing populations coupled with an increased demand for health services has created the need for robust economic evaluations of care delivery and health care resource allocation. The MCG HEP division offers health economic evaluations, with a particular emphasis on cost-effectiveness and cost-of-care analyses.  HEP also serves as a consulting body to external bodies seeking economic valuations of care delivery, health care workforce forecasting, and efficiency analyses.  Students and researchers associated with the division have the opportunity to conduct research in a multi-disciplinary environment, drawing upon the broad experience of the HEM program.

Mathematical Modeling

Health care decision-makers are increasingly recruiting the expertise of mathematical models to analyze complex challenges in care delivery.  The field of mathematical modeling has significant applicability to helping answer complex questions within the medical arena.  The HEP division’s modeling program is led by Dr. Arni Rao, director of the Augusta University Laboratory for Theory and Mathematical Modeling.  Ongoing and completed projects have focused upon topics including HIV transmission, infertility and atrial fibrillation.  HEP offers researchers and external constituencies alike access to advanced mathematical modeling as applied to care delivery, disease development and progression, and population-level analysis of epidemiologic trends.

Health Policy

The faculty within HEP share joint-appointments with numerous other key programs and centers at the Medical College of Georgia.  HEP works closely with the Institute for Public and Preventive Health and its Division of Health Policy, led by Dr. Douglas Miller. Through these collaborations, the HEP division offers support to stakeholders and researches alike involved in policy-making and economic analysis in health care.

Our division aims to play major roles in the promotion of health and the control and prevention of diseases in populations through epidemiological research, education and professional service at the local, regional and national levels.

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