Santu Ghosh, PhD

Associate  Professor & Program Director Biostatistics and Data Science

PhD (Mathematical Sciences with concentration in Statistics) Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL, 2013

(706) 721-4454
room number AE-1032
Augusta University Faculty


Application of Bayesian Statistics in Biomedicine, Clinical trials, Network Meta-Analysis, Bootstrap, Observed Confidence Levels, Analysis of Network Graph Models, and Survival Analysis.

Dr. Ghosh’s primary research interests lie broadly in statistical methodology. During his dissertation, he worked on the application of the bootstrap to complex statistical problems such as constructing multivariate confidence regions and computing observed confidence levels. Dr. Ghosh is currently working on developing Bayesian methodology for clinical trials, such as non-inferiority trials, enrichment trials. Alongside, he is expanding his research interests to include Meta Analysis, Network Data Analysis, and Survival Analysis. He also enjoys collaborative research with scholars from other disciplines. 



Mathematical Statistics, Biostatistics, Bootstrap, Stochastic Processes, Statistical Methods of Forecasting.



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  • Sawyer, Alexandra, Wise, Linda, Ghosh, Santu, Bhatia, Jatinder, and Stansfield, Brian (2017+): Comparison of Transfusion Thresholds during Neonatal ECMO, Transfusion, DOI: 10.1111/trf.14151.
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