Neuroscience Graduate Students


       katelyn alverson


Graduate Advisor:    Krishnan Dhandapani, PhD       

Research:   Katelyn studies traumatic brain injury and neuroprotective mechanisms   



 Xing fang


       Graduate Advisor:   Xin-Yun Lu, MD, PhD

Research:   Xing is studying the roles of hypothalamic proopiomelanocortin (POMC) and agouti-related protein (AgRP) neurons in susceptibility and adaptation to chronic stress



 Yujiao Lu 


            Graduate Advisor:  Quanguang Zhang, PhD          

                   Research:   Yujiao studies the role of local-derived brain estrogen in plasticity, cognition and neuroprotection.


Luodan Yang




     Graduate Advisor:    Quanguang Zhang, PhD

     Research:  Luodan studies the effect of photobiomodulation  on neurodegenerative disease


Marissa Seamon






Graduate Advisor:  Chandramohan Wakade       

Research:  Marissa studies the benefits of niacin supplementation for Parkinson's Disease patients    


seamon image

  CD9 labeled extracellular vesicles isolated from Parkinson's Disease patient plasma.


Jacob Kumro


Graduate Advisor:  David Blake, PhD  jkumro
Research:  Cholinergic Regulation of Neuroplasticity and Blood Flow


Wonjo Jang

wonjo jang



      Graduate Advisor:  Nevin Lambert, PhD
      Research:  G protein-couples receptor signaling in living cells