Faculty Affairs Committee Members

photo of Mark Hamrick, PhD

Mark Hamrick, PhD

  • Acting Chair, MCG FADPT Committee
photo of Omar Forbes

Omar Forbes

  • Faculty Support Services Specialist, Human Resources
photo of Gerald (Jerry) Crites, MD

Gerald (Jerry) Crites, MD

  • Athens Partnership Campus Assoc. Dean, Faculty Affairs & Development
photo of Ralph Gillies, PhD

Ralph Gillies, PhD

  • Associate Dean, Faculty Development
photo of Kimberly (Kim) Loomer, EDD, MA

Kimberly (Kim) Loomer, EDD, MA

  • Assoc. Dean, for Learner Well-Being
photo of Kathryn Martin, PhD

Kathryn Martin, PhD

  • Assoc. Dean, Regional Campuses
photo of Vaughn McCall, MD

Vaughn McCall, MD

  • Chair, Faculty Affairs Committee
photo of Michael Rollock, PhD

Michael Rollock, PhD

  • Well-Being Liaison Officer
photo of Susan Sato, PhD

Susan Sato, PhD

  • Director, Employee-Faculty Assistance Program
photo of Heather Snipes

Heather Snipes

  • Faculty Support Liaison
photo of Lara Stepleman, PhD

Lara Stepleman, PhD

  • Director,
  • Office for Faculty Success
photo of Almira Vazdarjanova, PhD

Almira Vazdarjanova, PhD

  • Chair, Faculty Senate Grievance Committee