Co-sponsored by MCG's Office for Faculty Success and MCG Faculty Senate

MCG recognizes the importance and value of mentorship in academic medicine. The intent of the Mentoring Excellence Award is to recognize faculty members who demonstrate a sustained commitment to mentoring, advising, and coaching of students, residents, and faculty in any academic medicine domain (clinical, research, education, etc.).

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Mentoring is a critical factor for faculty success in academic medicine. Strong mentorship is associated with work productivity, personal development, and career satisfaction (AAMC). Documentation of mentoring excellence can also be included as part of a promotion and tenure portfolio.

The award will be given to a faculty member who has mentored and guided significant numbers of mentees, and/or who has demonstrated extraordinary leadership in developing departmental /school mentoring programs. Such achievement, commitment and effort can be demonstrated by quantitative/qualitative data documents or demonstrated through mentee, colleague, and supervisor letters of recommendation using the following (but not limited to) criteria:

  1. The number and diversity of mentees mentored.
  2. Accomplishments of individual mentees.
  3. Creative and/or innovative approaches to mentoring.
  4. Effective, evidenced-based mentoring programs implemented.
  5. Acting as a positive role model.
  6. Great enthusiasm for the development of others.
  7. Development of one’s skills as an effective mentor (self-directed learning, workshops, etc.)
  8. Positive measurable change in climate (increased satisfaction, decreased burnout, increased retention, etc.).

The Mentoring Excellence Award call will come out with the annual spring call for MCG Faculty Senate award nominations. The recipient will be announced at the annual MCG Faculty Senate Awards presentation. For additional information specifically about the Mentoring Excellence award, please contact the Office for Faculty Success