The Group on Women in Medicine and Science is an AAMC Affinity Group with the mission to promote the inclusion and advancement of women in academic medicine. MCG GWIMS is dedicated to addressing important topics for our women faculty including recruitment and retention, gender equity, career-life balance, and professional development.


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Program Leader & Faculty Liaisons

Lia Bruner

I'm Lia Bruner, and I became the designated representative for MCG to the AAMC GWIMS group in August 2020. I am a Family Medicine physician and joined the Medical Partnership faculty in Athens in 2017. Nationally GWIMS seeks to "advance the full and successful participation and inclusion of women within academic medicine by addressing gender equity, recruitment and retention, awards and recognition, and career advancement."

We are working toward these same goals here at MCG, and it’s been exciting to see so much interest in GWIMS on both campuses. We organize discussions, presentations, and networking events to develop a stronger, supportive community for women faculty at MCG, and we welcome people of all genders who are interested in these issues. We want to hear from you! If you have questions, comments, or suggestions for MCG GWIMS please contact me or one of the faculty liaisons.

Lia Bruner, MD
Program Leader and MCG's Representative to the AAMC GWIMS

Faculty Liaisons

photo of Amy Baldwin, PhD

Amy Baldwin, PhD

  • Athens Campus
photo of Carrie Kelly, MD

Carrie Kelly, MD

  • Athens Campus
photo of Sangeetha Sukumari Ramesh, PhD

Sangeetha Sukumari Ramesh, PhD

  • Augusta Campus
photo of Amal Asiri, MD

Amal Asiri, MD

  • Augusta Campus

Membership and Networking Committee

photo of Renee Page, MD

Renee Page, MD

  • Co-Chair, Augusta Campus
photo of Jaya Pamidimukkala, PhD

Jaya Pamidimukkala, PhD

  • Co-Chair, Athens Campus

Leadership and Awards Committee

photo of Carrie Kelly, MD

Carrie Kelly, MD

  • Chair, Athens Campus

Policy and Advocacy Committee

photo of Kim Giffen, PhD

Kim Giffen, PhD

  • Co-Chair, Athens Campus
photo of Lori Welch-Sigmon, PhD

Lori Welch-Sigmon, PhD

  • Co-Chair, Augusta Campus

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Please contact our Chapter Leader or one of the Faculty Liaisons for more information about our group.