Faculty Academic Development Plans are required for all new faculty and strongly recommended for any faculty who have not yet submitted promotion packets at the Assistant Professor level.

Download Form Academic Development Plan


FADPs should be completed within your first 90 days, submitted to your Department Chair, Section Chief, or other direct supervisor, and used as a guide for any mentors assigned or chosen. You should also bring the FADP to your annual performance evaluation for review.

  • The FADP document will soon be integrated into the PACT repository online along with your annual performance goals and evaluations. We will email all faculty when this function is available. At that time, please enter your current FADP into PACT.
  • There are example pages for each domain that may be part of your job responsibilities: Education, Clinical, Research, and Leadership/Community Development (also called service in your annual performance evaluation). Your FTE distribution and Department/Unit will determine which of these Goal/Objective domains that you need to complete. You only need to complete the domains required for your position or desired in your personal career growth to which you anticipate devoting time. In Section II of the form, you can indicate which domains you will be completing.
  • These example pages, while by no means complete, are intended to provide a variety of examples and possible metrics. They are meant to stimulate thinking about your own development plan and how to implement it. Your plan may contain significantly less content than presented here.

Please note: Department requirements for FADP completion may differ as may the expected goals, objectives, and annual performance goals used and associated metrics. Please consult your Department Chair/Section Chief/Direct Supervisor for more information.


Helpful Definitions

  1. 3-5 Year Goals: These are typically the "big picture" of what you want to be known for by the end of 3-5 years (and hopefully readying you for promotion in rank).

  2. Objectives 3-5 Years: These are the key metrics by which you will assess whether your 3-5 year goals have been met. Reminder: promotion to the associate level requires demonstration of a state/regional reputation. Metrics included should attempt to meet this minimum requirement (though you aren't precluded from including national/international ones when relevant/anticipated).

  3. Annual Performance Goals: These are measurable goals for the year, many of which will be smaller pieces of your 3-5 Objectives or facilitate them.

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Goals (3-5 years)

Education: I would like to start an HIV training program for psychology interns that can recruit nationally for high-quality applicants and demonstrate impact on the communities in which they serve. More broadly, I would like to serve the psychology internship, psychiatry residency, and medical students on issues related to health psychology and health disparities.

Objectives (3-5 years)


1. Have a completed curriculum for the HIV training program that is approved by the Psychology Internship Consortium

2. Have developed and implemented metrics for establishing the short and long term impact of that curriculum

3. Have successfully recruited interns annually beginning in year three with documented increases in applications thereafter

4. Disseminate HIV training program at local or regional conferences or through MedEdPORTAL (2 disseminations)

5. Annually serve as an effective educator and supervisor to at least two interns in health psychology and one psychiatry resident; annually provide at least 20 hours of didactics across medical students, psychology interns, psychiatry residents, and other health professions students

6. Demonstrate teaching/supervision quality with teaching evaluations that have a mean of at least 4.5/5 across learner groups

Annual Performance Goals (current academic year)


1. Use the current internship template to create a draft of the HIV internship training program and submit for approval to the internship training program

2. Be a clinical supervisor to at least two health psychology focused interns and one psychiatry resident

3. Develop content for and provide at least 10 hours of didactics to psychology interns, psychiatry residents, and/or medical students, achieving a mean score of at least 4/5 in my One45 evaluations across evaluations

4. Serve as a Problem-Based Learning Group Facilitator 1 afternoon per week (with good reviews)

5. Provide one Grand Rounds to my department related to HIV mental health

6. Identify a mentor who can help me build my skills as an educator; attend at least three educator workshops on campus

Goals (3-5 years)

Clinical: I would like to build a HIV mental health service that meets the needs of underserved individuals living with HIV in the community. More broadly I would like to develop a personal faculty practice with chronic medical illness adjustment and acceptance issues, consistent with the aims of the clinical service that meet meaningful use and Clinician and Group Survey (CG CAHPS) criteria, quality clinical service initiatives which provide opportunities for student and resident education, as well as clinical quality and effectiveness research engagement (https://www.ahrq.gov/cahps/index.html).

Objectives (3-5 years)


1. Develop a mental health screening protocol for patients receiving HIV medical services and triage/referral protocol

2. Develop patients and provider educational materials on HIV mental health and disseminate widely to include educational brochures, referral forms, educational handouts, and referral resources

3. Compile and keep updated literature on evidence based-best practices for the provision of HIV services to guide care for clinical and training purposes; creation of clinical practice guidelines

4. Maintain a full clinic schedule of 25 hours per week of HIV mental health and/or chronic medical illness patients (or RVU metrics) and demonstrate quality clinical service through patient satisfaction scores and peer feedback

5. Disseminate the clinical program/practice guidelines in two+ peer-reviewed HIV, mental health, and/or medical venues at state/ regional level

Annual Performance Goals (current academic year)


1. Complete credentialing process for the medical center, if not complete by start date

2. Conduct a brief needs assessment of HIV medical staff to use in conjunction with literature with a summary of findings for review

3. Have a completed draft of the clinical service protocol for piloting and revise as needed based on patient and provider feedback

4. Work with department and media communications to increase community awareness of this service (at least one press release or other news piece that will increase reach)

5. Build clinic, such that I am at least at 75% capacity by end of year 1; see more general health psychology patients until the HIV clinic researches capacity (or RVU metrics); demonstration of increased referrals over time

6. Have positive 6-month peer reviews on clinical metrics (CEUs, meeting attendance, records review, etc) as defined by my department

7. Participate on one committee related to clinical care at the department or hospital level

8. Identify a mentor who can help me grow my clinical skills and presence

Goals (3-5 years)

Research/Scholarship: I would like to institute processes that permit discovery and reporting of novel means to increase educational and clinical, and service effectiveness. In particular, I would like to build a trajectory of research in collaborative HIV mental health disparities that leads to a regional reputation in HIV and peer reviewed publications and presentation that will make me competitive for intramural/extramural grant funding. I would like to continue to build my research network and skills through collaborations with more seasoned researchers at AU and/or other institutions.

Objectives (3-5 years)


1. Have two research projects related to HIV health disparities (PI on at least one)

2. Presented at least five peer-reviewed presentations at state, regional, and/or national conferences

3. Have accepted for publication at least three peer-reviewed articles (my work and/or collaborative efforts with seasoned investigators)

4. Applied for at least two grants (on AU research grant, one Foundation grant)

5. Have an established network of local and regional research collaborators (at least three)

6. Demonstrate impact of growing body of research and reputation using impact scores, citations, alt-metrics, etc. where applicable

Annual Performance Goals (current academic year)


1. Establish a research mentor team of at least two mentors and have at least quarterly meetings

2. Complete all training and requirements (i.e., CITI, IRBnet) that will allow me to be a campus investigator

3. Submit IRB for one new research project and begin data collection

4. Participate as a team member on a more senior researcher’s project to develop my research skills

5. Create a database of conferences and grants appropriate to my work

6. Submit at least one presentation to a state/regional conference or create timeline for first submission

7. Recruit a Medical Summer Scholar to help collect data at end of year one (or CURS undergrad or Public Health Intern)

* Clinical or Educational scholarship listed under those domains

Goals (3-5 years)

Leadership/Community Involvement: I would like to make meaningful contributions to clinical, research, and/or educational committees that are relevant to my goals, moving into leadership roles over the next 3-5 years.

Objectives (3-5 years)

Leadership/Community Involvement

1. Demonstrated commitment to departmental, school, community, state, regional service though participation on 3-5 committees at AU, 1 in the community, and at least 2 at the state level or higher; have a named role (i.e., treasurer, co-chair) on at least two.

2. Have a role as a journal manuscript or conference submission reviewer in my discipline (at least three)

Annual Performance Goals (current academic year)

Leadership/Community Involvement

1. Participate on the Psychology Internship Core Committee and the Department Diversity Committee

2. Do an independent or co-review of submission for at least one journal or conference

3. Serve on the Ryan White HIV Consortium locally and apply to be a member of the Board in spring elections

4. Join at least two state (or higher) professional organizations and review opportunities to serve in named roles of interest