Our consultations services can benefit faculty from career entry through retirement. We assist people in thinking through personal career trajectories as well as those in leadership roles seeking to enrich faculty development within their departments.

Being planful throughout one’s career facilitates preparation for advancement, resiliency in the face of change, and identification of new growth opportunities. Personalized coaching empowers faculty to be an agent in meaningful career construction, recognizing shifting individual and organization priorities.

Consultations may focus, for instance, on career planning, mentoring, preparing for promotion and tenure, coping with work related challenges, or communicating and negotiating skillfully with others. We especially encourage onboarding faculty to come see us to get tips on preparing for career advancement from day one as well as faculty “stuck in rank” who seek solutions for promotion.

By serving as a supportive, motivational sounding board, we hope to foster a relationship that can continue over a person’s tenure at MCG as different needs arise.

Consultations are confidential and the services are at no cost.

Schedule a Consultation

Specific questions about our consultation services can be sent to the Associate Dean for Faculty Success and Inclusive Excellence, Lara Stepleman.

Preparing for Consultation

Our goal is to ensure that you get the most from your consultation. The more we know about your needs and what you hope to accomplish, the better we can prepare for your visit. 

Below is a list of things to submit prior to your consultation: 

  1. We ask that all those scheduled for a consultation submit their CV to facultysuccess@augusta.edu. Even if your consultation isn’t focused on promotion, it is helpful for us to know the career trajectory to date for whom we are meeting.
  2. If you are going up acutely for promotion and/or tenure, provide anything you have prepared thus far in terms of the promotion portfolio. It is fine if it is an outline or early draft. Please review  portfolio guidelines for more information. It is also okay if you don’t have anything prepared yet.
  3. A brief description of the goal of the consultation. It is important to consider what you hope the outcome of your time with your consultant will be and to succinctly describe it. Common goals are: 
    1. To develop a timeline for going up for promotion/preparing my promotion packet
    2. To assess my readiness for promotion and how to fill in gaps if I am not
    3. To determine how to best present evidence when asking for a raise, change in FTE distribution and related job duties, a promotion, etc.
    4. To be able to develop a Faculty Academic Development Plan that is consistent with my career goals and the needs of my department
    5. To know what individual, department, school, and institution resources are available for me to work through an intrapersonal or interpersonal career related challenge
    6. To identify ways to achieve better work/life balance
    7. To understand the process for building a mentorship team that might best suit my career goals
  4. Anything else that might help us prepare in advance like a job description or cover letter for an internal position for which you are considering applying, a draft copy of your FADP, etc.