The MCG Office for Faculty Success operates on the premise that faculty will have the greatest satisfaction and returns on their careers when they feel ownership over them. Having ownership requires planning, assessment of self and the work environment, and ongoing skills development to maximize opportunities that will present over a career in academic medicine.

Faculty career development needs can change at different career points. Revisiting faculty career goals over time helps to ensure that careers don’t just happen but are actively created.

A consultation with the MCG Office for Faculty Success can help focus your own career development or the career development of MCG Faculty that you mentor or supervise.

You are the entrepreneur of your career, even if you are employed by others.

—author unknown

Training Opportunities

In addition to the many training opportunities available at the Medical College of Georgia and Augusta University, the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) offers a variety of opportunities that are organized by career stage/academic rank, including:

Early Career Women Faculty Leadership Development Seminar

Mid-career Minority Leadership Seminar

Organizational Leadership in Academic Medicine for New Associate Deans and Department Chairs

Complete list of AAMC career development courses

OFS Career Development Resources

Black women in medicine


Promotion and tenure

Women's Career Development Symposium

Additional Resources

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