Registering for Rotations

  • In order to be officially enrolled into any selective or elective, students must submit the completed appropriate course form to the Curriculum Office.

  • Students must be enrolled in a course prior to starting in order to receive credit.

    We cannot provide retroactive credit for courses if you are not properly enrolled.

  • Malpractice: You must be officially enrolled in a course to be covered by malpractice insurance during your away rotation.
    • In Georgia, No student who engages in the practice of medicine under the supervision of a medical facility, academic institution, or doctor of medicine, as a part of an academic curriculum leading to the award of a medical degree, shall be liable for any civil damages as a result of any act or omission in such practice of medicine, except for willful or wanton misconduct.” (Georgia Code 1981, section number 51138, Effective date: July 1, 1987)

    • In the United States but NOT in Georgia students officially enrolled at MCG are covered by Professional Liability Insurance while at U.S. institutions out of the state of Georgia.

  • The appropriate course form should be completed in order to enroll in selectives and electives. Copies of these forms can be found on the Curriculum Office home page.
  • There are 3 types of course forms:
    • Add Form: use for all MCG sponsored courses on all campuses

    • Off Campus Elective Form: use for all off campus electives inside the United States

    • Drop Form: use for all electives, selectives, and clerkships regardless of campus.
  • After completion of the student portion of the form, students should submit the form to the appropriate location (explained on the form) for approval. Please note that completed forms must be submitted by email in order to maintain an accurate record of the submission. Students are not officially enrolled until the completed form is processed by the Curriculum Office.


Dropping & Adding Electives

  • All electives on the Augusta campus, except continuous electives, may be dropped any time prior to three weeks from the start date of the elective.

  • Clerkships and selectives on all campuses as well as electives outside Augusta (except continuous electives) may be dropped prior to six weeks from the start of the course.

  • Without special permission from the department and the Curriculum Office, courses may not be dropped after the deadline. After the deadline, students are required to withdraw from a course and will not be allowed to sign up for any course during that month. In addition, the withdrawal will be recorded on the student’s transcript as a “W”.
  • Courses may be added to the schedule at any time up to the beginning of the course as long as the student has an open month and has obtained approval from the appropriate department or institution.

  • Gaining approval from the department and/or institution may involve verifying that there is sufficient room in the course, receiving permission from the sponsoring faculty, and completing all necessary paperwork for the course in a timely fashion (including anything required by the hosting facility).

Except for extraordinary circumstances, the above policy will be strictly enforced.


Course Listings

  • The following pages list all of the selective and elective courses available through the Medical College of Georgia. Each listing contains the course title, course number, course category, course classification, contact person, months offered, and a brief description of the course.

  • Each course description also has an eligibility listing, which refers to the course prerequisites. Courses listed as “All” have no prerequisites and can be taken by all students. Courses listed as “Enrichment Only” can be taken only by students who have completed all Core Clerkships. Courses listed as “Clerkship +” may be taken by any student who has completed all of the clinical portion of the clerkship within that department or part of the clinical portion and passed the shelf exam for that clerkship. LIC students must take Clerkship + electives in the second semester of their clerkship phase. Note that clerkship students can find a list of courses which are open to them on the final pages of this bulletin. A few courses have additional requirements which are listed in this category as well.
  • With few exceptions, course locations are not included in the course listing. Most of the listed courses are available on the Augusta campus. Many of the courses are also offered on the various regional campuses as well. For information about courses on the Augusta campus, please check with the sponsoring department. For information about courses on the regional campuses, please check with the corresponding regional campus office.
  • All courses listed are subject to the availability of faculty and resources. Because of lack of available faculty or other resources, some courses may not be offered at a given time even though they are listed in the bulletin. Check with the sponsoring department for more information about which courses are available currently.


Course Classification/Credit Hours

MCG courses are classified to denote either the graduation requirement they fulfill or the number of weeks that students earn (for electives).

Please check the electives credit policy at  

  1. Category: Clinical vs. Non-Clinical Electives:
  • Clinical electives can be 2 or 4 weeks and must involve patient care. Only 4-week clinical electives will count towards the Advanced Clinical Selective requirement (Class of 2024 and beyond).

  • Non-Clinical Electives may be 2 or 4 weeks in length, but do not count towards the Advanced Clinical Selective Requirement.
  1. Classification: 2 week or 4 week
  • Courses are listed as either 2 week or 4- week courses based on the length of the course.

  • Courses listed as 2 week/4week offer both a two week and a 4 week option.

  • A small number of 4-week courses will only count for 2 weeks/4 credit hours toward graduation based on workload. These courses are listed below and are also noted in the course description in the main section of the bulletin.


Selectives & Electives

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Selective Listings

Selective Listings
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Elective Listings

Elective Listings


Types of Courses

Anesthesiology Research  ANES 5002
Pain Management  ANES 5008
Respiratory Care  ANES 5014
Anatomy Research  ANAT 5002
Clinical Anatomy and Teaching Skills  ANAT5005
Biochemistry & Molecular Bio Research  BCMB 5002
Dermatology Externship  DERM 5001
Emergency Medicine Research  EMED 5004
Family Medicine Externship  FMPC 5008
Family Medicine Research  FMPC 5009
Vulnerable Populations Elective  FMPC 5018
Health Policy and Advocacy  FMPC 5020
Population Health/Business in Medicine  FMPC 6000
Bioethics Scholarly Study  FMPC 6001
Bioethics Capstone Course  FMPC 6002
Bioethics Practicum  FMPC 6003
Food as Medicine  FMPC 6004
Introduction to Rheumatology  GMED 5078
Palliative Care Externship  GMED 5095
Introduction to Outpatient Internal Medicine  GMED 5096
Medical Education  MEDI 5012
Simulation Education Elective  MEDI 6001
Neurology Research  NEUR 5006
Ophthalmology Research  OPTH 5002
Surgical Pathology Externship  PATH 5003
Clinical Pathology Externship  PATH 5009
Neuropathology Externship  PATH 5011
Anatomic Pathology Externship  PATH 5016
Clinical Microbiology Externship  PATH 5019
Introduction to Pathology  PATH 5028
Pediatric Research  PEDS 5007
Spirituality and Medicine  PEDS 5038
Pharmacology Tutorial  PHRM 5003
Pharmacology Research  PHRM 5004
Clinical Pharmacology Tutorial  PHRM 5012
Critical Care Pharmacology Tutorial  PHRM 5015
Physiology Research  PSIO 5011
Radiology Externship  RADM 5001
Point of Care Ultrasound MEDI 5031

Clerkship + in the electives bulletin listing means student must have completed clerkship in that department. See Course Description for Conditions.

Anesthesia Externship ANES 5011
International & Travel Medicine EMED 5007
Rural Emergency Medicine EMED 5013
Nephrology Consult GMED 5016
Cardiology Consultation Service GMED 5017
Gastroenterology Externship GMED 5021
Cardiology Externship GMED 5040
Neurology Consult and Clinics Externship NEUR 5003
Maternal Fetal Medicine Externship OBGN 5005
Reproductive Endocrinology Externship OBGN 5006
Gynecologic Oncology Externship OBGN 5007
Benign Gynecology Externship OBGN 5008
Urogynecology Externship OBGN 5012
Transgender Health Longitudinal Elective OBGN 5018
Ophthalmology Externship  OPTH 5001
Pediatric Cardiology Externship PEDS 5005
Pediatric Allergy Immunology Externship PEDS 5006
Pediatric Gastroenterology Externship PEDS 5011
Pediatric Infectious Disease Externship PEDS 5013
Newborn Nursery Externship PEDS 5014
Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Externship PEDS 5017
Pediatric Endocrinology Externship PEDS 5020
Pediatric Pulmonology Externship PEDS 5022
Pediatric Assistantship at Special Needs Summer Camp PEDS 5035
Pediatrics Sub-specialties Externship PEDS 5036
Consult-Liaison Psychiatry Externship PSRY 5002
Eating Disorders Externship PSRY 5007
Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Externship PSRY 5023
Psychiatric and Psychosocial Issues of HIV/AIDS PSRY 5028
Molecular Neurobiology of Treatment Outcome of Schizophrenia PSRY 5029
Psychiatry Research PSRY 5040
Addiction Psychiatry PSRY 5041
Emergency Psychiatry Externship PSRY 5043
Neurostimulation Externship PSRY 5044
Advanced Psychiatry Externship PSRY 5045
Mood Disorders Externship PSRY 5046
General Surgery Externship                         SURG 5003
Neurosurgery Externship                           SURG 5200
Neurosurgery Externship & Research                    SURG 5203
Otolaryngology Externship                         SURG 5254
Pediatric Surgery Externship                         SURG 5300
Orthopedics Externship                            SURG 5275


Advanced Dermatology DERM 5003
Emergency Medicine Externship EMED 5002
Emergency Ultrasound EMED 5008
Emergency Medical Services EMED 5014
Primary Care Sports Medicine FMPC 5015
Family Medicine Procedures FMPC 5019
Rheumatology Externship GMED 5010
Hematology/Oncology Externship GMED 5012
Nephrology Externship GMED 5013
Rehabilitation Medicine Externship GMED 5014
Pulmonology Externship GMED 5023
Infectious Disease Externship GMED 5025
Medicine Research GMED 5028
Endocrinology Research GMED 5039
Epidemiology Atlanta Externship GMED 5056
CBL Medical Education Elective MEDI  5014
Osler Apprenticeship in Neurology NEUR 5012
Neuromuscular Disease NEUR 5020
EMG Elective NEUR 5022
Obstetrics & Gynecology Research OBGN 5011
Gynecology Boot Camp OBGN 5016
Obstetrics Emergency Dept. Elective OBGN 5017
Advanced Pediatrics PEDS 5037
Radiation Therapy Externship RONC 5006
Advanced Diagnostic Radiology Externship RADM 5004
Vascular/Interventional Radiology Externship RADM 5007
Surgery Boot Camp SURG 5380