The Medical College of Georgia has dual degree programs for MD/PhD, MD/MBA, and MD/MPH.

For master’s programs, each will be completed along with the MD in 5 years. During years 4 and 5 of the program, students will complete the academic requirements for the fourth year of medical school and those of the master’s degree. Students must remain clinically active throughout the 4th and 5th years to assure no loss in clinical skills.

In general, the expectation is that the degree program will not be more than 36 credit hours, and students will be awarded some academic credit for courses completed in the medical school curriculum.

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MD/MBA Program

The MD-MBA program equips students with the knowledge needed to provide outstanding clinical care and leadership within a complex health care system. With the curriculum being taught by highly skilled professors, the program is designed to produce graduates that are better equipped to meet the future challenges of the health care industry as it becomes increasingly complex. As the traditional role of physician continuously changes, there is a growing need for physicians who have strong management and leadership skills and a better understanding of the health care system.

Participants must be Medical College of Georgia students who are accepted into the MBA Program and will start business coursework after their first year or third year of medical school.

The MD/MBA program is a full-time track and only accepts full-time students in the Fall semester - The fall deadline is June 1. Students have to be committed to finishing the program in one year, must remain in good standing, and re-enter the MD program curriculum fulltime by July following the completion of the Dual Degree Program. Third year students must take Step 2 CK by July 31 prior to entering the Dual Degree Program, and failure to do so will impact their enrollment in the Dual Degree Program. The student has to follow the curriculum schema (course of study) set out and submitted as part of the application process. Any changes will require official approval (Student, MS program director, TGS) and documentation prior to the semester when courses will be taken. Please note that we waive the standardized test requirement for dual degree applicants.

Students enrolled in the MD program interested in dual degree program must first discuss plans with the MD program (Dr. Page) to obtain official support and approval to apply:

Renee Page, MD
Associate Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Associate Dean for Curriculum
Medical College of Georgia
1301 R.A. Dent Blvd, Suite 3300
Augusta GA 30912
fax 7067219458

Please contact or see the MBA website  for more general information about the program.