Visiting Medical Student Elective Program


Applications must be received NO LATER THAN 6 WEEKS prior to the start of your elective request.

The following items MUST accompany all application requests to complete your file for consideration:

  • Student CV and Transcript
  • A complete copy of your USMLE Step 1 score report (or Comlex equivalent)- please include all pages- including the page with scores in different areas!
  • State & National Criminal Background Check (conducted within 1 year of rotation start date)

The following items must be uploaded to VSAS (or sent in to include with your paper application) prior to the start of your rotation. If these items are not uploaded at least one week before your rotation start date, your rotation will be canceled!

  • A copy of your BLS or ACLS card that will be current at the time of the elective request
  • A criminal background check completed within one year of the start of the elective
  • Mask fit test completion (not needed for EMED 5011 applicants)
  • Documentation that you have received the current year's influenza vaccine
  • Completed AAMC Immunization Form
  • MCG Asepsis Form - must be signed by a validator - a dean or similarly ranked administrator - from your home institution who can attest that you have completed the required asepsis training
  • MCG Policy Attestation Form

Two rotation maximum if accepted. Incomplete applications will be denied. All forms must be uploaded in VSAS. Please do not email or fax application materials unless directed to do so.

Your elective requests will be honored in order of preference after all Medical College of Georgia students have received their elective assignments. Once a decision has been made, you will be notified via VSLO/VSAS or via email. Incomplete applications will not be considered, so please follow all written instructions to the letter. Accepted students will be required to complete additional requirements and trainings upon acceptance.

The Visiting Medical Student Elective Program does not process/approve observerships.