Welcome to the Neurology clerkship. Within the next four weeks we are going to help you master some basic skills in evaluating and managing patients with neurological problems. We will endeavor to help you develop a more in depth knowledge of neurological disorders, sharpen your clinical skills and contribute to your growth as a professional.

In many hospitals, neurology is the most consulted specialty. This is not only the result of the frequency of neurological disorders but also the discomfort many physicians feel when dealing with disorders of the nervous system. The complexity of the nervous system is less overwhelming if approached in a logical sequence. A neurological history and examination is focused on determining an anatomical localization of the lesion and then generating a differential diagnosis based on the site of the lesion.

photo of Danielle Weiss, MD

Danielle Weiss, MD

  • Clerkship Director


photo of Dilip Singh, MD

Dilip Singh, MD

  • Assistant Professor