Once a year, in the fall, a non-denominational interment service is held at the Natalie and Lansing B. Lee, Jr. Auditorium to honor the individuals whose bodies were generously donated for study at Augusta University.

The memorial service is conducted jointly by the students, faculty, and chaplains from the Colleges of Medicine, Dentistry, Allied Health, Graduate Studies, Nursing and the Augusta University/UGA Medical Partnership with the donors’ families and friends as our honored guests.

The Memorial Service provides an opportunity for the students to honor and show their appreciation to the donors for making their bodies available for study and research. It is only through the physical study of the human body that we can gain the basic information essential to the education of future health care professionals.

The 2019 Memorial Service will be held on November 1st.

"Let them rest in peace, may they forever walk in light."

Rev. Joseph W. O'Brien