We offer a clinical research volunteer program which provides individuals the opportunity to observe clinical research  processes.  

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Key points

  • Medical school graduates, currently practicing clinician, and physicians with prior training in a foreign country may apply.
  • Any applicant that has graduated from medical school must have completed USMLE Steps 1 and 2 (minimum score of 230) or COMLEX Levels 1 (minimum score of 550) and 2, with no failed attempts.
  • Acceptance to the Clinical Research Volunteer Program is dependent on faculty availability. The faculty member with whom the research volunteer is working will ensure HIPAA compliance.
  • Research volunteers can begin in any month of the academic year except for April or May. They must commit to a minimum of six months of participation.
  • The applicant must obtain the appropriate immigration visa if needed. If an applicant can commit to nine to twelve months of participation, the department may be willing to sponsor a J1-Scholar visa application.
  • Research volunteers will work within the confines of their IRB-approved research projects. They will not participate directly in any clinical care.
  • Research volunteers will meet with Carol Dickerson on a monthly basis to review research progress.
  • Research volunteers will not be permitted in patient care areas (eg, preoperative clinic, postanesthesia care unit, operating room, intensive care unit) unless the IRB-approved research project explicitly requires data gathering in these areas.
  • Research volunteers must not remove patient information from the hospital and are strongly advised to work within official working hours.
  • Research volunteers will respect departmental workspaces. They are allowed in areas specifically designated for their use. They are not allowed in such areas as the resident lounge or call room.
  • Participation in the Research Volunteer Program has no direct bearing on future internship, residency, or fellowship applications.
To apply, email to the coordinator
  • Two letters of recommendation from clinical faculty at current practice group or academic institution. For undergraduate students, a letter from the faculty advisor will suffice.
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Demonstrated proficiency in English. If medical education was conducted in English, please submit a copy of your medical school diploma. If medical education was conducted in another language, send TOEFL score.
  • After being accepted to the program, please email: proof of negative PPD (Mantoux testing) within last 12 months, influenza vaccination if you will be here between September 1 and March 1, and criminal background check.

user icon Research Volunteer Coordinator: Carol Dickerson, MS, MBA| envelope icon mcganes@augusta.edu