This subspecialty rotation is available for one senior anesthesiology resident to practice the skills needed for ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia and management of complicated postoperative pain using a team-based approach.

The two-month rotation allows the resident physician to satisfy ACGME anesthesiology residency program requirements for clinical experiences in acute perioperative pain management and regional analgesia. 

nerveblockpocusPoint-of-care ultrasound module on nerve blocks


The goal of this rotation is for the resident physician to gain fundamental knowledge in acute pain management and proficiency with common nerve blocks such as cervical plexus, brachial plexus, thoracic and lumbar epidural, TAP and rectus sheath, sciatic, femoral, adductor canal.

The resident will work primarily within the OR environment, in the specially designated “block area,” PACU recovery area, and in the OR intraoperatively.


With the increasing national emphasis on acute and postoperative pain management, opioid stewardship, and enhanced recovery programs, there is much interest in the field of acute and regional pain management. Residents work alongside dedicated faculty with formal training in pain medicine or extensive experience in regional techniques. 

This fast-paced rotation prepares residents for practice by offering real-world experience.

user icon Director of Acute Pain and Regional Anesthesia Services: Paramvir Singh, MBBS, MBA