Training Center Faculty Candidate Application

This form is used by instructors who meet the criteria and have a desire to be a Training Center Faculty.

Position Description

The Training Center Faculty (TCF) are responsible for quality assurance and is the educational leadership of the Training Center (TC). The number of TCF members is determined by the needs of the TC. TCF members serve only in the TC from which they are appointed. A TCF member's status is not transferable between TCs. TCF members who move from TC to another must reapply for TCF status in their new TC and are subject to acceptance by that TC.


Must meet the following criteria or be a current Regional Faculty member:

■ Active Instructor (BLS, ACLS, or PALS) for a minimum of two years
■ ACLS and PALS TCF members must also be a Course Director
■ Willing to participate in a TCF orientation and AHA regional updates
■ Has received positive evaluations of teaching ability from students
■ Completion of orientation before conducting first Instructor course

Method of Appointment/Reappointment

■ Appointed and reappointed by TC, which sets the term served by TCF members.


■Serves as an expert resource on ECC issues and protocols to the TC, Instructors, and staff.
■ Conducts Instructor Courses for the TC while adhering to AHA guidelines.
■ Cannot serve as Regional Faculty member for his/her own TC.
■ Acts as a change agent to facilitate transitions in the ECC Program.
■ Supports Chain of Survival initiatives in the community.
■ Responsible for TCF development by conducting updates/training for TC.
■ Oversees quality assurance at the TC level.
■ Monitors Instructors' teaching ability and completes required documentation.
■ Teaches at least one Instructor course every two years.
■ Monitors Course Directors.
■ Cultivates and mentors TC Instructors, new Instructors, and potential candidates for future Instructor/TCF positions.

Reporting Structure

■ To TC Coordinator for internal TC issues.
■ To Regional Faculty/National Faculty for program and science issues.