The MCG 3+ program, which launched in Fall 2020, creates individualized medical education options for our students, while ensuring continued achievement of MCG’s established MD program competencies.

"MCG 3+" describes 3 years to complete the core MD curriculum, plus career-enhancing pathways from which to choose to complete the MD degree program.  The 4 pathways are:

These students earn the MD degree in 3 years by taking the 3-year core curriculum uninterrupted, then immediately entering an affiliated primary care residency program, thus progressing directly to the first year of residency (PGY-1).  Students apply for this pathway after matriculation and have 2 options for the PGY-1 Pathway.  The first is scholarship-supported (Peach State Scholars) in one of 7 primary care specialties (Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics Gynecology (OB/GYN), Pediatrics, Psychiatry and Surgery).  Two years of scholarship carry a requirement for 2 years of practice in underserved Georgia after residency.  The other option is not scholarship supported and is available for students choosing to do clerkship and residency in Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, or Psychiatry at MCG's Northwest or Southwest Regional Clinical Campuses.

Students apply to this pathway after matriculation and can choose from the master of business administration (MBA), master of public health (MPH), or master of clinical and translational science (MCTS) degree offered in collaboration with other colleges at Augusta University.  Students complete the MD and master's degree (no additional tuition) in 4 years by arranging their clerkship and enrichment MD courses to accommodate overlaying the master's coursework.

Most of the core MD curriculum is completed in the first 3 years, and the enrichment phase in year 4 adds electives in the student's chosen specialty to enhance their readiness for residency.  Most students complete the MD degree under this pathway.

All MCG student avail themselves of diverse research opportunities beginning early in the curriculum through the scholarly project graduation requirement. Students interested in a more robust research experience can complete most of the core MD curriculum in 3 years and add up to 5 consecutive months of research during the enrichment phase in year 4.

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About the Inaugural Class of Scholars from MCG's 3+ Program

MCG 2023 3+ students pose for picture
MCG 2023 3+ students pose for picture
MCG 2023 3+ students pose for picture


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The MCG 3+ curricular redesign achieves three important goals:

  1. Guide more students toward primary care careers in Georgia to the furtherance of MCG’s mission to improve the health of Georgians;
  2. Allow the MD program to translate the lessons and successes from its case-based learning track at our Medical Partnership campus in Athens*, and from its longitudinal integrated clerkship track at our campus in Rome; and
  3. Provide students with multiple 4th year options designed to enhance their careers and/or UME-GME transitioning.


* AU/UGA Medical Partnership will continue a 4-year curriculum.


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