MCG Deferment Policy

Accepted students seeking deferment will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Deferments are not available to applicants accepted from the alternate list. A deferment requires extenuating, unexpected personal circumstances.                 

To be considered, the student must write a letter to the Associate Dean of Admissions explaining the reason(s) for deferment. Each case will be presented to and voted on by the Admissions Committee.                 

Only one request for a one-year deferment will be considered.

Deferment requests should not be made to delay a decision of which medical school to attend.                 

The Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University cannot hold scholarship offers made in the initial year of acceptance to the following year. A deferred student is eligible for scholarship offers in the following year but with no guarantee.                 

A deferred student’s campus assignment will not be guaranteed for the following year.