Introduction of Prematriculation

The MCG Prematriculation Program is a multi-track academic summer program for students who will be matriculating into their first year of medical school at MCG. As a pre-matriculation program participant, you will gain exposure to course material, knowledge and skills to help you be successful in your respective health profession. You will receive:

  • An introduction to important aspects of the first year curriculum through intensive classes
  • Specialized seminars from Augusta University leadership and faculty focused on strategies that facilitate success in, and graduation from, health professionals program
  • Exposure to standardized patients
  • Intersection and networking opportunities with administrators, faculty, enrolled students, and peers
  • Familiarization with the campus and Augusta
  • Variety of social events and activities


On-campus housing is provided by the program.   Our past participants have stated that being moved into Augusta campus early has helped reduce stress and familiarized them with the area.  

Program Fee:

There is a $75 administrative processing fee. Program participants receive stipends that help defray the cost of books, living expenses, etc. To submit your payment , please click here Prematriculation admin payment

Receipt of the final portion of the stipend is contingent upon participants earning an overall average of "C" or above for the final course grades. 


The Prematriculation curriculum is designed to provide intense academic enrichment experiences that will challenge and prepare students. All program participants take intensive academic courses in:

  • Biochemistry course which includes Case Base and Patient Centered Learning modules with our dedicated MCG faculty
  • Lunch and Learn with Guest Speakers (Weekly)
  • Physiology 
  • Students will also get to work with standardized patients in the Physical Diagnosis course in our MCG Simulation Center.

Additionally , students will gain insight and network with leadership through the Faculty Grand Round series. A variety of teaching and learning styles are employed, including hands -on-training lecture, experiential exercises, group work, exams, etc.

Participants are required to attend all classes and take all quizzes and/or exams so that progress can be thoroughly evaluated. Pre- and post tests in each of the main academic areas are given at the beginning and the end of the program, in order to measure progress. Participants are required to pass courses with a "C" or above and complete program evaluations.

For more information about our prematriculation program please select the button below to view our brochure. 

PreMatriculation Summer Program Brochure


If you are interested in applying to this wonderful pathway program, please contact Mrs. Lauren Clayton @706-721-1260  to request an application and/or you may submit a request to our,