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Lynne Brannen, MD, MBA

A Message from the President of the MCG Alumni Association

Names are important because they represent who we are and what we value. They intrinsically incorporate us into the traditions and heritage of our family. They bind us to our past and secure us to our future. My full name is Alfred Lynne Brannen, II. My name represents who and what I am. I was named after my grandfather and my paternal uncle. My parents named my older brother after my father and my younger brother after my mother’s brothers. By passing on these names from generation to generation my parents made it clear to us that we were part of a larger heritage. Read more »

Lynne Brannen, MD, MBA
Class of 1982 & 2002
President, MCG Alumni Association

Stethoscopes for First-Year Students


A few months back you heard from 1995 MCG graduate Dr. Alan Smith about the MCG Alumni Association’s great initiative to purchase each of our first-year students their first stethoscope.

We received a great response from many MCG alumni but wanted to follow up with you to see if we can also have your support for our students. We all know that a stethoscope is an icon of our profession that remains a mainstay in practice. These stethoscopes carry the additional significance of bearing the seal of your also iconic medical school and its legacy of educating outstanding physicians.

I hope you will choose to support the next generation of MCG graduates and great physicians through this initiative.

For $250, you can fund one stethoscope for one student or you can support more students by increasing your gift. Some MCG alums have contributed $1,000 to benefit four medical students, which is really outstanding.

More information about this program, and how you can make a gift, can be found at If you have questions or would prefer to mail your check, please contact Ralph Alee at 706-721-7343.

Thank you for your support of your medical school.

Dr. Hess' Signature

David C. Hess, MD
Dean, Medical College of Georgia

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