The JagStore is owned and operated by Augusta University with a primary goal of providing materials to our students in the most affordable way. Please help the JagStore provide affordable course materials by submitting your information by the deadline.

Deadline to submit Summer 2021 Textbook/Course Material information: Monday February 8, 2021

Deadline to submit Fall 2021 Textbook/Course Material information: Thursday April 1, 2021

We have gathered information and links into this central location to help you complete your textbook and course material requisitions and to provide a place where we can work together to reduce the cost of textbooks and course materials for our students.

Submitting Your Textbooks and Course Material Information:

All course material adoptions are submitted online using Verba Collect. Each academic session, faculty and/or departmental representatives will receive

an email with a personalized link, no password needed! The link will take you directly to your assigned courses for the upcoming session where you will

choose materials for the selected term. Please view this instructional video to help you get started.

Lost your personalized link? Please e-mail Michelle Neely to recover access.

Michelle Neely
 Michelle Neely

Director, Retail Operations