Abstract submission portal is open for the 22nd Annual Student Research & Fine Arts Conference (sponsored by Phi Kappa Phi, Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship, and the Office of Research).

The conference will be held on Wednesday, March 30, 2022. This is an opportunity for all undergraduate students of Augusta University to showcase their scholarly and artistic endeavors. ALL disciplines encouraged to submit an abstract or scholarly summary via the link below.
5 different presentation types will be open for students to participate (see details below):
  • Poster Session (judged)
  • Oral Presentation (judged)
  • Visual Arts Showcase (not judged)
  • Performance Showcase (not judged)
  • 4x4 Showdown (judged)

Deadline for submissions: February 15, 2022.  Acceptance letters will be sent out via email by late February.  Please indicate the type of presentation in which you wish to be considered.



Are you participating in the Conference? Check out the details below.

Guidelines for presenters

Undergraduate Research and Fine Arts Conference Guidelines

The conference will allow several platforms for research, creative, and scholarly works.  Please select the type of presentation(s) in which you wish to be considered.  Students may request to participate in multiple sessions as long as the scholarship is different for each one.  There is no limit to the number of submissions, however, each submission must be unique. For example, you may present your Criminal Justice research on a poster and also request to participate in a piano performance. Based upon space or time constraints, authors may be asked to modify presentation type well in advance of the conference.

Poster session (judged)

Create a poster that can be viewed by an interdisciplinary audience and prepare to discuss your poster to visitors during your assigned browsing session.  All student authors should be present at this time and prepared to discuss the project and answer questions.  Judges will evaluate your poster, knowledge of the subject matter, delivery, and ability to answer questions.  Evaluation rubrics will be provided to authors prior to the conference.

Oral presentation (judged)

Oral presentations will be assigned a room and block of time to be present.  All presenters should plan to be in the room for the entirety of the assigned session.  Each presenter will be given 12 minutes, plus 3 minutes for Q/A.  Students may use PowerPoint or other visual aids if desired.  Judges will evaluate the talk, knowledge of the subject matter, delivery, and ability to answer questions.  Evaluation rubrics will be provided to authors prior to the conference.

Visual Arts Showcase (not judged)

Students may showcase forms of art such as digital arts, paintings, drawings, sculptures, mixed media, textiles, and more to represent your art.  All exhibitors are required to be present during the assigned session.  Student artists should be prepared and available to explain their process and methods to viewers at the showing.

Performance Arts Showcase (not judged)

Students will prepare a 15 minute presentation including an introduction (up to approximately 3 minutes).   This session may include (but not limited to) vocal, instrumentation, theater, or dance performances.

4x4 Showdown (judged)

This presentation engages students to effectively explain their research (to an interdisciplinary audience) within 4 minutes utilizing 4 slides. Students should use no more than 20 printed words on the 4 slides.  Moderators will time the presentations and the 4-minute limit will be enforced.   Please see CURS website for full details on this session.

  • 4 minute presentation
  • 4 slides
  • 20 printed word limit


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