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The Summer STAR (Student Training And Research) Program provides opportunities for highly motivated and talented undergraduate students to develop skills as young scientists and to further explore their interest in biomedical research. STAR partipants are matched to  a biomedical research laboratory and engage in a research project under the guidance of a Augusta University faculty member and their lab team. The Summer STAR program provides excellent preparation and relevant experience for students planning to pursue a PhD or MD/PhD in the biomedical sciences.  

Star Workshops

In addition to hands-on laboratory research experience, STAR participants attend workshops that expose them to a broad range of biomedical research techniques, approaches and laboratory experiences available at Augusta University. 

STAR 2021 session Dates

  • June 7- July 30, 2021
  • Summer 2021 session will be eight weeks; participants are expected to participate for entire program.

Housing and salary

  • Due to the pandemic, no on campus housing options are available for the Summer 2021 STAR session
  • Participants must have confirmed housing and reliable transportation to commute to the AU Health Sciences campus, daily
  • Participants will be paid a salary of $4,000 (before taxes) for the eight-week period

application Deadlines

  • Application Opens: April 12, 2021
  • Application Deadline: May 7, 2021

Admission Requirements

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Summer STAR Program

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Mission Statement

To provide outstanding hands-on biomedical research opportunities for undergraduate students from colleges and universities across the country who are interested in pursuing a graduate degree in the biomedical sciences.

To expose undergraduate students to a broad range of biomedical research areas, approaches and techniques through interactive workshops.

To serve as a recruiting mechanism for the biomedical science graduate programs in The Graduate School.

To promote communication and interaction between undergraduate institutions and Augusta University.

To expand mentoring opportunities for current postdoctoral fellows and upper level graduate students at Augusta University.

Summer STAR Alumni


The 2019 STARs

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The 2018 STARs

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The 2016 STARs

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STAR Awards

Recognize Outstanding Talent & Potential

STAR Program Students

You can make an important and significant impact on young students through your donation to the STAR program.

Each year the STAR program has become increasingly competitive, attracting more and more of the best and brightest undergraduates from across the country.  These academically gifted, highly motivated and very talented undergraduate students participate in the STAR program to actively learn about and engage in the scientific process, immerse themselves in Augusta University’s science community, and acquire knowledge and skills needed to pursue a career in research. 

This is not a passive, observational experience; rather it is an active experience where STARs are challenged to learn, pushed to do, and leave inspired to be more than they thought they could be.  Each STAR’s hard work, discipline, perseverance and unique spirit  results in individual accomplishments and achievements.  Thus, to distinguish oneself in such a group of exceptional peers is remarkable and deserves recognition. 



Eldridge Award

Ebad Hasan Memorial Award