Golden Blocks Legends

Golden Blocks Team

Golden Blocks Legends Project Mission


We serve school-aged children, university students, schools, and multi-generations of Augustans in the understanding and appreciation of the impact and influence of the rich history that includes the Golden Blocks era. In addition, we will serve as a model for others - regionally, nationally, and internationally.


Our interdisciplinary team, including university faculty, historians, artists, and educators, collaborates to understand the strengths of the community, to appreciate its rich history, and to share this with others. We do this by presenting a historically accurate record through art and story that is research-based and engaging for all ages and sparks curiosity to learn more about the diversity of the Black experience in the early 20th century.


We will empower the community through education in a variety of settings. This project will foster pride and a deeper appreciation for the history and influence of GBL legends and of their era. The innovative texts and research-based teaching will lead to increased literacy engagement and positive academic outcomes. Ultimately, our work will forge enduring, impactful partnerships that continue to enrich the greater community.


Group Members

Juan Walker |

Kim Barker |

Art "the Artist" Abdon |

Corey Rogers |

A'Shaela Y. Abdon |

Betsy VanDeusen |