Graduate Certificate in Sports Coaching

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Ready? Get set. Go! Augusta University's totally online graduate-level certificate program in sports coaching puts the ball in your court. Develop and enhance coaching techniques; minimize injuries; improve the sport experience for athletes at all levels, and foster their careers. The four courses in this program cover coaching methods, ethics, teaching techniques, physical training, and management, with special focus on sports psychology, sports medicine, nutrition, conditioning, ethics and facilitating an athlete's career. So get in the game!

Course Titles/Descriptions

This course is a comprehensive introduction to the coaching profession. Emphasis is placed on sport at the high school and serious club levels. Consideration is also given to coaching at other levels, such as youth, recreational, and intercollegiate sport programs. The primary goal of the course is to develop and enhance students' knowledge and understanding of concepts and techniques of coaching and their application to achieving important objectives in working with athletes. The course combines sport science theory and research with the practical knowledge and methods of expert coaches in the five essential categories of coaching education and professional practice. Principles and practical applications are presented and thoroughly explained for each of these five important dimensions of coaching.

This course will investigate the methods, principles, and decision-making responsibilities of a coach and promote critical examination of ethical issues and moral dilemmas that are inherently found within sports coaching settings. Through readings, interactive discussions, and independent activities, candidates will have the opportunity to equip themselves with the knowledge and skills to better understand and apply sound principles as they relate to moral character and corresponding ethical issues.

This course is designed to provide the student an introduction to the recognition, care and prevention of athletic injuries from a coach's perspective. It involves fulfilling the role of being a competent first responder to athletic injuries and illness in a variety of athletic contexts. A basic understanding of the theoretical and practical applications of sports medicine in relation to sports coaching will be developed through a series of modules examining a wide variety of common and life-threatening sports-related injuries.

This course is designed to expose prospective and current coaches to the psychological variables that have an effect on athletic performance and to equip them with general knowledge of NCAA rules and regulations to better support athletes transitioning from club and/or high school levels to competitive collegiate athletics. Aspects of motivational techniques, cooperation and competition, group and team behavior, communication skills, goal setting, arousal regulation, self-confidence, anxiety and performance, intrinsic motivation, concentration, imagery, and stress management will be examined in detail in addition to selected NCAA policies and procedures related to ethical conduct, amateurism, recruiting, eligibility and ergogenic aids.


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  Christenberry Fieldhouse
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