Dr. Juan Walker

 Program Director 

Statement of Teaching Philosophy

Teaching in the 21st century demands that educators be prepared on a number of frontiers, and student diversity and technological advancements are leading the way. I am committed to helping teachers to become confident to enter diverse classrooms, to fulfill their professional responsibilities, and to be sensitive to diversity. As new social studies teachers learn to be responsive toward and respectful of social and cultural differences, I know they must also learn to be resilient. From my new teacher experiences, I have learned that preparing to teach a wide range of individual students across grades K-12 is quite a feat, so I want to prepare new teachers to feel as confident teaching a junior high student as they are teaching seniors by exposing them earlier to the developmental process of adolescents.


Theoretical Cognitive Principles Applied in the Social Studies Classroom: Procedure of Primary and Secondary Sources in Conjunction with Critical Thinking Skills

Research funded by: Waynesburg University- Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS)

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