Materials Provided by Augusta University for the CRDTS Board Examination

Operatory Supplies (furnished by the school and located in the drawers or under the sink in each operatory):

Optim 33TB Disinfectant Cleaner
Sani-cloth Disposable Wipes
Listerine mouth wash
Red Bags for biohazardous waste
Portion Cups

Grab-N-Go Supply Carts:

Note: Amalgamators are located throughout the clinic on the countertops at the end of each section/row of operatories.

Dispersalloy 3 spill regular set
Articulating Paper
IRM Capsules
Medicine Cups
Rubber Dams
Tray Covers
Prophy Paste (fine & medium grit)
Finishing Strips (regular & narrow)
Harmonize Unidose Composite
Harmonize Flowable Composite
Optibond FL - prime & bond
Lidocaine 2% w/ epi 1:100,000
Black Floss
Cotton Rolls
Enhance Finishing Discs
Tongue Blades
Matrix Bands (Universal, MOD & HO)
Clear Matrix Strips
Wedges (Slim Jim, Small & Yellow Sycamore)
Disposable Prophy Cups
Uni-etch gel etchant w/ tips
Disposable Mouth Props
Dri Aids
Enhance Polishing Cups (for Prisma Gloss)
Blades (15 & 12B)
Prisma Gloss (Extra Fine & Fine)
Vitrebond Plus
Headrest Covers
Air/Water Syringes (w/ covers)
Saliva Ejectors
HVE Tips
Pinnacle Side Shields
Enhance Cups
Enhance Points
4x4 Sterile
Copaliner Varnish
Cotton Tipped Applicators
2x2 Gauze
Lollicaine Topical Anesthesia
Curved Monoject Syringes
Anesthetic Needles (27 Long & 30 Short)
Patient Napkins
Sof-Lex Discs (XF, F, M & C)
Size "0" Retraction Cord
Golf Pencils

Available at 4th Floor Dispensary Window (GC-4055):

Septocaine w/ epi 1:100,000

Manikin CRDTS Supplies available on the Endo Supply Table:

Reprosil - PVS Putty
Cotton Pellets
Gutta Percha (Fine, Medium, and Large)
Paper Points (Fine, Medium, and Large)
Sterile Water for Irrigation
5ml Monoject Syringe
Prorinse Irrigation Needle
Glyde Root Canal Conditioner
AH Plus Sealer
25 blades

Each candidate will get 1 of each of the following items per patient:

Styrofoam tray
Disposable air/water syringe tips
Set-up pack that includes:
  • 1 high volume evacuator tip
  • 1 saliva ejector
  • 5 syringe sleeves
  • 2 light handle covers
  • 1 headrest cover
  • 8 gauze (2x2 non woven)
  • 8 cotton rolls
  • 1 keyboard cover
  • 1 bib (blue)