Comprehensive Treatment

Treatment provided by students is conducted under the close supervision of our teaching faculty at The Dental College of Georgia.

Our students deliver a wide range of preventive and restorative care, including routine exams, cleanings, fillings and crowns, bleaching, extractions, mouth guards, esthetic treatments, root canals, implants, complete and partial dentures, and more.

Once accepted into the program and assigned, your student provider will create an inclusive treatment plan so that you will understand treatment options, sequence, informed consent, estimated costs, and time involved.

All of your dental needs can be met under one roof.

Reduced Fees

On average, fees in the student clinic are approximately one-third the usual and customary dental fees charged in private practice, but appointments and the duration of treatment are longer. Payment plans may be available for patients who qualify.

Our Expectations

If you are accepted into the student program, you will be assigned to a student dentist as soon as possible, but assignment may take up to six months. You may be asked to be available several times a month, and these appointments may last up to four hours.

Patients must notify the student at least two school days in advance when it is necessary to reschedule an appointment.

Because of the rigid requirements on the student's time, repeated tardiness or two broken appointments may result in termination of treatment.

You are expected to stay current with your financial obligations during your dental treatment.

Student Dentists

Patient Criteria for Student Dental Care

Adults and children 15 and older

Understand that this is a total commitment for dental care, not treatment of a single problem. Our providers will meet all of your dental needs.
For children 14 and younger, and special-needs patients under 21, call the Pediatric Dentistry clinic at 706-721-2716.
For orthodontic referral information, call the Orthodontic clinic at 706-721-2421.

Steps to Becoming a Patient

Screening Application

1.  Complete the screening application.

Once you have completed the screening application, submit via mail, email or fax.

2.  We will review your application

The application is for a screening appointment and does not guarantee acceptance as a patient.

Applications which are incomplete or do not appear to match the educational needs of our students will be declined, and you will receive a letter informing you of this within three weeks from the time your application is received.

Applications that are accepted for screening are placed in the list of potential patients awaiting a screening appointment. It may be several months before we are able to schedule you for screening.

3. The Screening Appointment

The screening appointment includes a panoramic X-ray and costs $132. Other X-rays and a more detailed examination may be necessary. If no further X-rays are needed, the patient is reimbursed $50.

Priority is given to applicants with dental problems which fit the needs of our teaching programs. Those not accepted into the student program will be referred to a graduate residency, faculty practice, or the private sector.

Contact Us

Once you have completed the screening application, submit using ONE of these methods:

Mail to:
Augusta University
The Dental College of Georgia
Patient Services, GC-4290
Augusta, GA 30912-1243

Email to:

Fax to Patient Screening at: