COVID-19 Rapid Screening Instructions for Patients


Step-by-Step Instructions for Patients

Step 1:  Before you start testing, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer. Make sure your hands are dry before starting. Image of handwashing under running faucet.
Step 2:  Your provider will provide you with a wrapped, sterile test swap. Remove the SWAB from its wrapper, being careful not to touch the SWAB head. SWAB in Sterile Package

Step 3:

Gently insert the SWAB ½ to ¾ of an inch into the nostril, depending on the size of your nose. Firmly rub the SWAB in a circular motion around the inside wall of EACH NOSTRIL at least 4 times.

Be sure to rub BOTH nostrils with the SAME SWAB.

NOTE: Failure to swab properly may cause false negative results.

SWAB in Nose


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With the emerging concern of the COVID-19 virus, the Dental College of Georgia is taking extra precautions for the safety of our patient and providers.