The Department of Endodontics offers a predoctoral program for undergraduate students who wish to become  familiar with the diagnosis and treatment of pulpal and periradicular diseases and the preservation and restoration of pulpally compromised teeth. Courses are focused on a greater understanding of the microbiological processes involved in endodontics and developments in instruments and materials that have transformed approaches to root canal treatment.

The predoctoral program consists of four required courses:

  • a one semester lecture/lab course
  • a one semester seminar course on a variety of endodontic topics
  • a two semester preclinical course that includes student performed non-surgical root canal therapy using universal precautions on extracted teeth as well as a four hour group seminar
  • a four semester clinical course that includes student performed non-surgical root canal therapy extracted teeth as well as one clinical competency involving complete root canal therapy on a non-molar tooth on a patient


Endo Honors Course

Additionally, for students who have successfully completed all four pre-doctoral courses, we offer an optional endo honors course whereby students who are motivated to pursue more knowledge of endodontics will participate in small group seminars for a more in-depth understanding of a variety of endodontic topics. Students will also participate in the study and treatment of more complex cases. Cases are closely supervised by a board eligible or board certified faculty endodontist. 

Endo Student