COVID 19 Information for DCG Patients

Please take a moment to review our latest patient appointment procedures as well as our latest infection control practices to learn how we are keeping patient health our highest priority.

Opportunities. Experience. Research. These are just a few of the benefits at The Dental College of Georgia at Augusta University.

With our latest infection control measures now in place, the Dental College of Georgia is pleased to open all dental appointments to both current patients of record as well as NEW patients.

Your Home for Dental Education and Oral Healthcare

We provide dental education to the next generation of professionals by offering hands-on education through innovative research, patient care, and service. Join other dental providers to improve the oral health of Georgia and beyond.

The DCG was founded to provide the people of Georgia with quality dental care by educating students in dentistry. As a patient, you have the option to receive treatment in one of our three different practice models consisting of student clinics, resident care, or in the faculty practice.  All dental treatments can be completed by the specialists in our facility.  We also serve patients in more than 20 clinics across Georgia. 

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  The Dental College of Georgia
       at Augusta University
  1430 John Wesley Gilbert Drive
       Augusta, GA 30912

  706-721-9645 - Patients
  706-721-3587  - Student Admissions


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