Board of Directors

Photo of Stevie Redmond, MPA '10

Stevie Redmond, MPA '10


Photo of John Baker, '94

John Baker, '94

President Elect

Photo of Rich Rogers, '03

Rich Rogers, '03

Immediate Past President

Photo of 
Rob Appleman, '99

Rob Appleman, '99

Photo of Debra Beazley, '78

Debra Beazley, '78

Photo of Lori Bolgla, PhD '93

Lori Bolgla, PhD '93

Photo of Maureen Bravo, DNP '09

Maureen Bravo, DNP '09

Photo of Brittany Cipollone, MA '14, MBA '19

Brittany Cipollone, MA '14, MBA '19

Photo of Jackie Delash, DMD '15

Jackie Delash, DMD '15

Photo of Krishnan Dhandapani, PhD '03

Krishnan Dhandapani, PhD '03

Photo of Murray Freedman, MD '67

Murray Freedman, MD '67

Photo of 
Fred Hedrick

Fred Hedrick

Photo of 
Jeff Johnston, '98

Jeff Johnston, '98

Photo of Mie Lucas, '08

Mie Lucas, '08

Photo of Nancy Powell

Nancy Powell

Photo of Mike Pruett, DMD '92

Mike Pruett, DMD '92

Photo of Annette Rainge, DMD '90

Annette Rainge, DMD '90


Photo of Rhoda Sword, DMD '03

Rhoda Sword, DMD '03


Photo of Adam Williams, '03

Adam Williams, '03


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