Level One FieldWork:

The goal of Level I experiences is to introduce the OT student to the fieldwork experience, to apply knowledge to practice, and to develop understanding of clients (ACOTE Standards, 2006). The AOTA Standards describe the goal of Level I Fieldwork "to introduce students to the fieldwork experience, and develop a basic comfort level with an understanding of the needs of clients." Level I Fieldwork is not intended to develop independent performance, but to "include experiences designed to enrich didactic coursework through directed observation and participation in selected aspects of the occupational therapy process." Level I Fieldwork experiences allow OT students supervised practical client experiences that are integrated throughout the curriculum. 

The Level I fieldwork experiences are scheduled as follows. They are one week in length and  ~ 40 hours for the week.

Course Description Semester/Year Credits
OTHP 6000 OT Process Fieldwork Fall/Year 1 1
OTHP 6001 Mental Health Fieldwork Spring/Year 1 1
OTHP 6002 Community Practice Fieldwork
Camp TBI
Summer/Year 1 1
OTHP 6002 Geriatric Fieldwork Summer/Year 1 1
OTHP 6003 Pediatric Fieldwork Fall/Year 2 1
OTHP 6003 Adult Fieldwork Fall/Year 2 1