Our building is located between the Student Center and  Augusta University's main research buildings, and across the street from Professional Building I. GRMC hospital buildings, the Auditoria Center, and campus housing is within easy walking distance.

Our office and studio space was remodeled expressly for the unique needs of our curriculum and students, including a fully-equipped computer laboratory, library and student kitchen.

Studio carrels are provided for each student, providing a personal space for study and working on assignments. Within the bounds of professional decorum, students are allowed to personalize their carrels. A wide array of anatomical models and medical paraphernalia is on display throughout the Studio and available for student use.

students in computer lab

The computer lab houses our Mac and PC special-use workstations, such as the scanner station, as well as our high-resolution printers. Each student has an advanced Mac workstation in their carrel. We are fully networked at T1 speed.

The Library houses thousands of reference books and atlases, as well as an extensive catalog of audiovisual reference materials. In addition, the Health Sciences Campus library, the Robert B. Greenblatt, M.D. Library, is just down the street. The departmental library also serves as our primary classroom. For teaching and presentation purposes, it is equipped with PC and Mac computers, Internet connections and digital projection. As needed, we also utilize two state-of-the-art electronic classrooms next door.     

Each faculty member has a private office. We have an open door policy and strongly encourage student observation and questions as we prepare lectures and course materials.

hall art collection


A unique and invaluable resource for our students, the David J. Mascaro Teaching Gallery lines the hallways with outstanding examples of every major artwork technique, genre and purpose. The collection spans nearly a century, from classical to contemporary.

If you are seriously interested or still just curious about a career in medical illustration, or are considering applying to our program, please contact us to arrange a tour of the department.