Academic Coaching

WHO is an Academic Coach?

Peer Academic Coaches are trained individuals who work with students one-to-one. Academic Coaches guide you into becoming the most effective, self-regulated learner possible. Academic coaching focuses on learning strategies, life management skills, and earning strong grades. 

A coach individualizes appropriate activities based upon your strengths and weaknesses, similar to how an athletic coach or a personal trainer assesses an athlete and develops a training regimen.

You should meet with an academic coach if you:

  • Feel you’re “not doing well” in your classes
  • Feel undue academic pressure
  • Would like to sharpen your learning or life management skills, including: College reading, Managing stress, Motivation and focus, Communicating with instructors, Test-taking strategies, and Time management

before meeting with an academic coach you should....

  1. Schedule an online appointment. Appointments must be made 24 hours in advance (no same day appointments)
  2. Complete the online LASSI assessment: using the following log-in:
    1. School Number: 80754
    2. User Name: egwy
    3. Password: hxk8
  3. Complete the Coaching Intake Form and bring it with you to the appointment.
  4. These items must be completed before meeting.

How does academic coaching work?

Initial coaching appointments typically last 45 minutes. At the first appointment, the coach assesses your needs and recommends a success plan.

A success plan may include:

  • Follow-up appointments
  • Referrals to academic support services
  • Assignments designed to develop effective learning strategies or time management skills

If a follow-up session is needed, the coach monitors your progress during the semester and works with you on various success strategies.

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