Annual Evaluation of Faculty

Critical and periodic review is a natural element of a productive academic career.  A faculty member's work is reviewed regularly in many different ways throughout his/her career - by internal and external peers, by students, by supervisor's, etc. Annual performance evaluations are simply one mechanism for enacting the critical review.

Annual performance evaluations serve multiple purposes.  They provide occasions for self-evaluation and reassessment of the role a faculty member is playing, which may evolve during the course of a career.  Reviews offer an opportunity to acknowledge and recognize good work, point out areas of improvement, and, at times, identify productive new uses of a faculty member's talents.  They are a means of ensuring that the diverse talents of the entire faculty are productively applied to the many responsibilities of the University.  In addition, performance reviews can help identify resource targets - places where additional resources could re-energize a faculty member whose energy or morale has run low or could lift an already productive member to new levels of achievement.  And, they are necessary for the process of determining merit salary increases.

Below are found a number of resources for faculty and administrators to use in the Annual Performance Evaluation at Augusta University:


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Instructional Videos for the Annual Evaluation Process

Faculty Evaluation Documents (AY 2022 - 2023)

      Evaluation Calendar

     How to Run and Update the Annual Faculty Evaluation Report out of PACT

     Administrator/Proxy Instructions for Running Faculty Evaluations

      Annual Evaluation of Faculty Policy 

Sample Faculty Evaluation Form - IMPORTANT NOTE: annual faculty evaluation forms should be run directly out of PACT whenever possible so that the form pre-fills with data.  However, the link above is provided in case you need a blank form to use as an example or to adapt for Clinical faculty (who are not in PACT).

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