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As a Curriculog user, you will be responsible for creating proposals and/or responding to proposals created by other users. There is an approval process for each type of proposals that will help the document move automatically through the process. Curriculog works best in Internet Explorer or Safari web browser.

Please note Augusta University Deadlines for Curriculog and the 2018-19 University Catalog:

Proposal      Summer       Fall       Spring
New Course Proposal     March 15th     March 15th     November 15th
Existing Course Modification     March 15th     March 15th     November 15th
New Program Proposal     March 15th     March 15th  
Curriculum Revision     March 15th     March 15th  

FAQs about Deadlines and Curriculog

  • Are all proposals and revisions submitted through Curriculog?

Yes, all course proposals and revisions must be entered in Curriculog.

  • Can proposals be submitted throughout the year? 

Yes, proposals can be submitted any time through the year, but will be implemented according to the established deadlines. 

  • Why are course and curriculum process deadlines necessary?

The establishment of deadlines for the course and curriculum process helps in planning of course schedules for departments, students and advisors.

  • Are course and curriculum deadlines normally enforced at universities?

A review of procedures within the USG and beyond revealed that annual curriculum and catalog deadlines are the norm, not the exception. 

  • Should a new program proposal be reviewed by anyone prior to submission in Curriculog?

Yes, a new program should be reviewed with the Vice President for Academic Planning and Strategic Initiatives. 


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