Ravindra Kolhe

Associate Professor

Ravindra Kolhe

Associate Professor

Academic Appointment(s)

Medical College of Georgia
Department of Pathology: Anatomic Pathology


  • Ph.D., Biology/Biological Sciences, G Mississippi State University, 2006

  • MBBS, Medicine. Mahatma Gandhi Mission's Medic, 2001


  • PHY GA Composite Medical Brd, 2012

Courses Taught Most Recent Academic Year

  • MEDI 5243

    Mod 6: Renal
  • PATH 5086

    Pathology Research Elective
  • PATH 5003

    Surgical Pathology Extn.
  • MEDI 5150

    Mod 1: Cell & Molecular Basis

Teaching Interests

Medical Students: Phase II pathology – Cytogenetics of myeloproliferative neoplasms, Breast pathology, Surgical Pathology. Phase I Cellular and Molecular Basis of Medicine module- Personalized Medicine Pathology Residents: Molecular Pathology, Surgical Pathology, Cancer Cytogenetics, Breast Pathology, Lab Management and Pathology informatics. Hematology-oncology Fellows: Molecular Pathology, Cancer Cytogenetics. Med Tech students - Clinical Molecular Methods Lab, Clinical Molecular Methods Internship CLSC 7990 PRIDE Summer Institute: Molecular Diagnostics.


Selected Recent Publications

  • A novel immunohistochemical score to predict early mortality in acute myeloid leukemia patients based on indoleamine 2,3 dioxygenase expression, 2017
    Journal Article, Academic Journal
  • Canonical NF kappa B signaling in myeloid cells is required for the glioblastoma growth, 2017
    Journal Article, Academic Journal
  • Diffuse astrocytoma WHO grade II with novel MYCN amplification, 2017
    Conference Proceeding
  • Epithelioid glioblastoma arising in an anaplastic pleomorphic xanthoastrocytoma: supporting the 'consanguinity' concept, 2017
    Conference Proceeding
  • Gender-specific differential expression of exosomal miRNA in synovial fluid of patients with osteoarthritis, 2017
    Journal Article, Academic Journal