This national test is primarily used by education majors and those seeking to earn certification for teaching. Many states now require PRAXIS® scores. To register online visit

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If you are seeking teacher certification in Georgia, please visit the Georgia Professional Standards Commission website to read up to date information about the assessment required for Georgia educators.





05/11/2017 12pm
05/16/2017 9am
05/24/2017 12pm
06/02/2017 9am
06/14/2017 12pm
06/27/2017 12pm
07/13/2017 12pm
07/17/2017 9am
08/01/2017 9am
08/09/2017 12pm
08/17/2017 12pm
08/25/2017 9am
08/28/2017 12pm
09/06/2017 12pm
09/12/2017 9am
09/20/2017 12pm
09/26/2017 9am
10/02/2017 12pm
10/10/2017 9am
10/18/2017 12pm
10/23/2017 9am
10/31/2017 12pm
11/15/2017 9am
11/21/2017 12pm
12/01/2017 9am
12/06/2017 9am

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