IRB Office Updates


PI Signatures on Supplemental Forms:
The signature blocks have been removed from the supplemental forms and the following statement has been added.


By electronically signing this package, I attest to the accuracy of all statements in this form.”




External IRB Fee

Effective September 1, 2014, for new commercially sponsored studies sent to WIRB, in addition to the fees charged by WIRB, the Augusta University IRB Office administrative fee for external IRB (new study) submissions to Western IRB (WIRB) has increased to $1,500.00. This increase is due to the continuing increase in resources associated with the administrative duties required for external IRB studies. The sponsor will be invoiced for the one-time fee, which is due at the time of submission to WIRB.

For any inquiries or concerns, please do not hesitate to call Michelle Harper-Meriwether, External IRB Administrator, at 706-721-1478 or   





  • Per Institutional Policy, users may not share any usernames and passwords. This includes: Novell, IRBNet, CITI, Outlook, etc. 


  • Informed Consent
    When obtaining informed consent from a research participant, a copy of the informed consent document (ICD) should be provided to the subject for them to take with them.  This is so they can reference the ICD for contact information, more information regarding their expected participation, etc.


IRB Policies


Revised Policy: PI Responsibilities

The PI Responsibilities policy has been revised to identify all responsibilities of PIs in the areas of:

-        General Responsibilities

-        Supervision, Oversight, and Delegation of Duties

-        Study Personnel Qualifications and Training

-        Protecting the Rights, Welfare, and Safety of Subjects University%20IRB%20Policies.php