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Conference | Dr. Madison Gates, Assistant Professor, will present "Addressing the Treatment of Transgender Offenders in Corrections" at the American Correctional Association (ACA) 2018 winter conference in Orlando, Florida. 

Conference | Dr. Madison GatesAssistant Professor, presented "Varying Disease Patterns, Based on Education Level, for Recently Incarcerated Populations ≥ 50 Years of Age," "Racial Differences for Visual Impairments in Incarcerated Populations," and "Statin and Aspirin Use in Offenders at High Risk for Cardiovascular Disease" at the North American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG) conference in Montreal, Quebec. 

Conference | Wonsuk Yoo, Associate Professor, presented "Disparities and characteristics on patterns of breast cancer mortality trends among the US Counties, 1990-2015" at the APHA conference in Atlanta, GA.

Funding | Aaron JohnsonInterim Director, was awarded $300,000 from the National Library of Medicine for his project Promoting Health Literacy and Improved Self-Care Management of Incarcerated Populations Using Secure Tablet Technology. Congratulations!  



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